Mibibli's Quest


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On stencyl.com:

Fullscreen is better. So:

Here is an .exe version. It is an exe instead of swf so that I don't have to worry about anyone stealing it and uploading it to a Flash portal. Start the game, then right click and choose the fullscreen option.

Made from scratch in less that 6 days (but mostly 4).


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This is outstanding work for the timeframe it was done in. Brutally difficult and rather Mega Man-esque in some parts. I dig the retro style and the music, which fits in well.

I didn't finish a single area, although I got pretty deeply into the ship one and to the boss of the water one.

Edit: Finished Suburbs, which I found to be the (relatively) easiest. The one that's really getting me stuck is Digital Land.

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Shows great promise! It has a unique style that invites you to explore. I agree about the difficulty. Wish there was some kind of story at the beginning to explain what's going on?  Excellent work!


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I love this, one of my favorite Stencyl games and it gives off a unique vibe. Good work.

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Jon why can't we add games to a favorites list, yet?


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Done in 4-6 days? That's really impressive! Great job here.

But it's so hard I could only scrape the surface of each level, to busy being dead :)


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The game runs at 60FPS but the camera movement is very choppy.
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This is fantastic. Very impressive work, I can't wait to see the finished version.


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Amazing work for such a short timeframe, well done NobodyX!

Legendary Hoamaru

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Camera wasn't choppy for me at all on full screen, besides at the missile barrage on the final level.

I think double tap needs to allow for slightly more delay.

Digitaland was my favorite level.

My completion order: Nightmare - Suburb - Flying Airship - Water - Digitaland - Final


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You're right. I tried the full screen version and it runs smoothly.
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Sorry, just out of curiosity... how did you make the .exe file?
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This is a really awesome game! It is even more awesome that you completed this in less than a week. Lol it is hard, but I absolutely enjoyed seeing how much was done in such little time.
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I want checkpoints XD !! 

This is SO impressive, dude, I can't even express how blown away I am.  You did ALL the graphics, sound, Behaviors, levels, etc., etc.??  Just wow.  You should put that in the description, people should know when they play.  XD

I don't usually like games where I'm constantly being shot at and killed and reset, but the thing that won me over most was all the different settings I could choose for, and the nonlinear introduction.  It's so explorative that way, and it gives it a lot of replay value.  They were all so different, not just shallow reskins of the same gameplay elements.  If I get frustrated with one world, I can try another until I get frustrated with that, and I may eventually go back to chip further my way in that old world later.

It is a little choppy for me, but I read that the bigger version eliminates that, so that's neat.  This is definitely one of the most impressive projects I've seen in Stencyl, considering the self-imposed circumstances.

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Thanks, everyone!

I wasn't counting, but I figure that I probably spent about 12-14 hours on the game each of the first 4 days, then about 4 hours on each of the last 2. I tried to do as little erasing and correcting in my work as possible. Nearly all of the riffs and melodies and beats in the music were what I first composed then didn't spend time tampering with, same idea with the graphics.

On the difficulty:
The type of game that I find fun is one in which you're constantly learning, as opposed to something that only tests reaction time or other latent skills and abilities. The idea I tried to implement is that the player will fail a lot, but can beat every hard part using perseverance, by adjusting their strategies and remembering to correct whatever they did that went wrong the last times. Don't expect to get by on your first try on every level using skill alone, the game is not intended to be played without failing (a lot).

That, and also the fact that I enjoy hard games so I made this game hard. :p

Yeah, Mega Man was definitely the single biggest influence. The idea was basically to make a MegaMan-like game with my own ideas.

I'll have to consider putting in some kind of a story before it's done. Maybe I can have story-related boss fights after you've beaten certain numbers of levels, I remember I liked those that were in a few Megaman X games I've played and MegaMan 7, I think.

I've done nothing fancy with the camera movement, so if there's an issue with it, it's not my fault. :p

@Legendary Hoamaru
Hey, I see someone beat the game! :)
The missile barrage was sometimes choppy for me, too. I kept it in to see if anyone else would notice, so now I know I probably should probably keep the maximum number of stuff happening at once below that amount for the final game.
Funny that you did Nightmare first, it was intended to be the hardest level (aside from the final).
Here's what I thought the order from easiest to hardest would be (and probably is for myself):
Suburb, Water, Flying Ship, Digital, Nightmare, and (obviously at the end) Final
And about the double tapping, do you mean with just dashing or with charging too? I made the dashing needing relatively quicker tapping, because I would keep accidentally dashing into holes when I was trying to walk. I can easily make the charging tapping more lenient and I don't think anything will be lost by doing so.

Output a swf, open it, "File," "Create Projector"

There are checkpoints! Of the first 5 levels there's one in the middle and one right before the boss. If there's a room devoid of enemies, then it's probably a checkpoint room. Although a game over means you go back to the start regardless.
Yeah, I did all of the music, graphics, etc., except for some help with bugs from Greg and Legendary Hoamaru.
If I get frustrated with one world, I can try another until I get frustrated with that, and I may eventually go back to chip further my way in that old world later.
Haha, well said! Glad to hear that because that's what I was going for!

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