Kit: Action-RPG (Seiken Densetsu 3 Combat system)


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Stencyl is a fun system to use and I could see RPGs made with it but as of right now there isn't many tools for making a RPG in Stencyl so that's where this kit comes in.

- 3 person party
- Ally Support for battles (just look up seiken densetsu 3 combat videos to get the idea)
- Long and short range melee attacks
- Mana Charge (Charge your chargeable attacks into a powerful attack, longer the stronger)
- Standard RPG Menu system (I'm not a fan of the ring menu.. but I'll make it fancy)
- Mode07 World(This may be difficult by flash is capable of handling this, it's just whether or not stencyl can)

RPG Behaviors
- Movement + 8dir(all 4 directions, not just left/right) I do believe I have released this into forge.

- Running (Double Dash)

- Jump (Does exactly what you think it does)

- Letter by Letter dialog with highlighting(for example, Zidane: How are your today?)

- NPC interaction (What's a rpg without NPCs?)

- Cut-Scenes (They're just needed..)


The first release is basically going to be a "Zelda" Kit as it'll set the foundation for the more intense battle system to come. 

Release 2 will be the actual beta for the kit with a RPG party behavior, a few fightable area's, and a small boss.

Release 3 will be RC1 and with all the bugs encountered in release 1 and 2.

Release 4, updates to the battle system and a few graphical updates.

Release 5, Final release


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Looking forward to this. I've been wanting to see someone take up the reins and build out the Adventure RPG kit a little more.


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I could certainly modify and basically rewrite the adventure kit if it has a download in forge. 
There's probably going to be a question or 2 about Dialog and RPG Parties, I just can't think of a way to make it work via pencil or code effectively. 


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The Adventure kit is shipped along StencylWorks. You can also download it.
"Find the fun"


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This are going fine but slowly.. just been busy with work and preparing to go back to school.

But I did manage to make link move like he does in minish cap, this does not include if he's on ice, goes into shallow water, or falls into deep water etc.

But as you can see I'm using "if otherwise" and setting set-x/y-speed to 0 allot.  If there's a way to condense those pieces of code that'd be great.


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1) Pull out the sections into individual "functions"
2) There are lots of cases where you can eliminate one condition and wrap. Basically you are doing a lot of...

if(a && b) ...
else if(a && c) ...

Which is the same as

    else if(c)


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 :P Like we write and see we all do things differently but end up with the same results.

Anyways I managed to finish the hearts today, working on the hud coding now.

I've been reading up on skyward a little bit to see if anything new or at least new to a zelda game anyway.  Shield stamina isn't new as many rpg's have had stamina for items before I think a few Final Fantasy games had it.  Basically your items can break if you're not careful, just like the wooden shield could burn the iron shield can break, I DO NOT know about how strong the hyilian shield is at this time as heck I only got to play last years demo at e3(this is extremely hard to get is...)

I'll try to have the hud and some game aspects more modern instead of just remaking minish cap, I might update the gfx slightly as well.

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Just so you guys know this project was not abandoned, at the time stencyl(IMO) was not truly ready for RPGs but with the addition of Events and Freedom code that all changes.

Keep an eye out for this project!


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Oops, I can not find this kit on StencylForge.
Is its name Action-RPG or some else?


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Look at the date and my last post, I just said stencyl 1.0 was not ready for an RPG as it was missing key things (how events are handled in 2.0) and cause it was pure code I couldn't just say if a = event than do b end.   


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Will the behaviors/events in this kit be compatible with a sidescrolling engine/gameplay or just for top down?


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I code logically, so if player is down do down animations/attacks.  So basically you would just comment out or delete Down and Up directions of course make sure syntax wise it's stable.

However, I do want to get a Standard RPG Dev Kit out there and build on top of that for an action RPG.

The best turnbased/ATB(Action Time Battle) system was Chrono Trigger. 

Everything in these kits will be custom code and nothing from forge.

Development for this kit will not begin until StencylWorks 2.0 is released.


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Being a hardcore RPGer, am very happy and looking forward to play around with this kit. :D


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looking forward this

this could be awesome!!!


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Will the first release of this kit still be the zelda/action styled kit without rpg elements or will it start with rpg elements?

Also, will the kit eventually allow co-operative play to be added to the game, upon watching videos of this excellent game I noticed it allowed a second player to control the other character.

This video:

If this kit is anything like this game, itl be a revolution on stencyl haha.

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