Making folder opening on exporting game/snippet optional


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Whenever you export a game or snippet it automatically opens up the destination folder. This is something I don't want to happen. Aa toggle in the options menu that can disable/enable this feature would be great. It's a little thing, but the more Stencyl can be personalized towards the developer's modus operandi, the better.


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Yeah, I agree.  I don't need to be reminded of the place I had just chosen to save something.


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I was just looking for that future to disable please plase a togle in settings or something! to stop popup folder when you export/publish not to always popup the folder where you just exported / published your files! it`s annoyng! and uses lots of memmory when you export many files 1 by 1 , and if we are at this poin! can you add multiselection export for files inside game?! cause i got this bug when i export a game and when i importing it back and run test the flash window open up but i can see only a white image cause in logs cannot finds the last place files that game where generated or if by mistake deleted as i think i did!
and exporting those files and importing in a new game ! will solve the issue like a manual backup! it will be usefull to go pass the problem with white flash image! . i do that anyways just it takes more time and the popup folder just keeps counting! and on win 7 x64 eats alot of ram memmory and makes my stencyl go to 90% usage always after i export like 20 actors 1 after each other!
but that i fixed with a bath file found on stencyl forums! just the multiple export will be nice and popup to block it and also want to report a bug! when i use example : when "attribute " =  some number  > create actor type or set "attribute2"  to attribute 2 + 1 it loops as i use always activated! i want to increase that only 1 time! i was able to do that in always with the toogle mark but seems in 3.0 that mark for loop it doesnt show! ! please fix this problems!
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I added an option to prefs/boot.txt. Replace "prefs.exportpopup=true" with "prefs.exportpopup=false" to disable the folder pop-up after exporting.