How do I have a two-way RPG conversation?


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Hey everyone, I tried figuring out the answer to this on the chat, but you can't really get or give really comprehensive answers there so I'll try here.

Basically what I want is for the game to start and right away, without having to move at all, I want a dialog box with text appear with a portrait of a female talking.  After pressing the action button to close out of it, I want another dialog box appear with a portrait of a male (the main character) talking. I want this to go back and forth. 

Pretty much all I have to do is press the action button to move the conversation along, and by the end of it i want my character to be able to move in the actual game (I don't want him able to move during the conversation if at all possible.)

I thought about making a cutscene like this, but I don't understand cutscenes really clearly.  I also thought of making a bunch of scenes, one scene with one dialog box, then another identical scene appear afterwards (after pressing the action button) with the only difference being a different text box talking.

So basically what I need to know is how i would go about this?  if I should go with my second option then is there a way for me to press a button, or click anywhere on the screen to move to the next scene?  All help would be greatly appreciated!     


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In theory, you can go with your second option. Make all those dialog scenes with an actor that does not have the behavior to move. This however will lead to a cluttered scene manager in SW.

If I were you, I would go for option number one and download the cutscene example game and learn how it was built. You can play it here:


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Ok I'll look into the cutscene one, but incase it doesn't work out for me.  Do you know what kit I can get that will let me jump to the next scene at the push of a button?


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You really only need 3 blocks for that -
1) IF block
2) control was pressed block (insert into if block)
3) switch scene block (in the body of the if block)