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Free Indie Games - This is my project !


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A new portal to publish your indie and casual games!

Hi! I want to show us my project :)
Indiexpo allows thousands of people to discover, watch and share originally-created games. Indiexpo provides an area for people to connect, inform, and inspire others across the globe and acts as a distribution platform for original content creators and advertisers large and small.

The FreankExpo also launched an YouTube channel where developers can send videos of their own games and there will published demos videos of popular indies.
There is a Facebook page where there will posted news and the people can easily contact the Staff.

The website is avaible in english, french, italian, spanish, german and several other languages.

We are growing up month by month, we're introducing many functions to make the website more powerful and efficient. we're pointing to be the best portal with only free indie and casual games of the world !

Join now!

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haha.. - To know sexy girls
btw it would be helpful for devs to know ur player base / weekly hits or something


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They are always growing. In July record of approximately 8,000 unique visitors. In August, a little less ('cause people go on holiday). September like July for now.
Add your flash game viking ! ^^

Thanks to the help of many volunteers, it has received over 310 games in a year since its foundation.
87% of developers back on the site which is improving every day ! Yeah ! XD


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:) added my game..
it seems a bit confusing because i thought it was an online portal, but turns out it is a place you can only download games, or refer links

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I have made something simillar to this check it out it is still new
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Launched, after much work, the FreankExpo Mask IV.
The news:

- New HomePage
- New Game-Page
- FreankExpo-Arena : The ability to defy another game (with the same language and type of yours). And then to be rated for 10 days by other users. (To defy a game just click the button "Defy it"in the game-page of the game).
- Events : the admins of partner sites can create and / or promote events. And all users can participate and ask questions.
- New Grapichs
- More Social : you can share the games on Facebook and /or Twitter
- New Gallery
- Most visibility to the last games included

The next objectives:
-> To Reach 500 games.
-> More sexy girls on the site
-> New rankings to valorise the winner games of the Arena.
-> To Realize a playlist with the winners of rpgmaker Atelier Contest

And this is our youtube's channel :
If also you want your games in a video promo or on this channel... add your games on the . It's easy and fast

p.s. isome screen of nice game on the website :


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I'm going to need proof of these "sexy girls" if you catch my flavor ;)


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hi guys !
good news !
We released the Mask V. A new version of the website.
Now you can upload your games also on our server ( max 20 MB),  better graphic, better (and more) features and statistics, more social, etc.
Now we're also releasing very nice reviews.
Give me your opinions :)


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Hi guys! I forgot this topic !
The website is changed ... really !
On our blog you can see all the news about it... the latest are :

- Feed Rss for your News !
See the News-Area of a Game page and click on the icon to see the Feed Rss and follow it.

- E-Mail Notifications
Added the email notifications and a Setting Area to customize it.

- Levels, Points and Powers !
Click on the icon on top-right and discover your level and powers !

- Added AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) for each game.
- Added new Languages : Russian and Polish.
- Coming soon new games in exclusive. Stay tuned !

Share also your free games ! :D


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News !
- Too easy to "read" the feed rss of a game. Now you just put the link of the game page in your rss reader and it will works automatically !
- New chart about Most Downloaded (Last 30 Days)
- Added how many users follow a game
- New chart about the most followed games.
- Added new Statistics about your game
- In the game pages, now you can click on the left and make a search.
- Added a red label about the games that you can play online
- Now you can add hashtags in the description or in the comments
- Added the preview of the youtube-videos when you put a link.


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New features!
- New Goals
Click on the top right and see your level and your badges!
- improved Portuguese and Swedish language
Thanks to two users of the indiexpo community!
- added Dutch language
- improved SEO
- new email to contact the staff  (
 - over 1,300 Like on Facebook
- posted on YouTube a new video promo about the most important indie games of the 2016
- SubReddit (very new), where you can suggest new features or ideas!


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== New Features ==

Long Description

Now you can add also a long Description about your game, using also the MARKup to format the text.

"Fast" subscriptions
Now you can add a game to your subscription directly in home page, clicking on the heart. Easy and fast.

Added a new area called History, where you can find your latest downloaded games.

Fast Updates/News
You can write the last update about your game directly in the game-page

Thanks to the developer of this game (very nice, you should try!), now indiexpo is also in Chinese!

Level Up
Added​a surprise when you level up...! :)

== Changes ==

- new search bar in the mobile view

- now you can see the gems of the other users when they left a comment

- improved the Level area

- the indiepad (here the topic on this forum) has over 500 downloads! So we redesign the console area like a real virtual platform!