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There needs to be a a better scene switching behavior.  My game ideas are hidden object games, games with a map where you click on a region, and it takes you there.  Is the example.   Say, you click on a door, and now you are inside a room.  Stuff like that.

There are a couple of behavior that works, one is a Actor based, but it will only work on ONE actor in a scene.  Like wise the region Switch Scene behavior.  I need something that will work on many different regions.  Or should I say, WE need something like that.  For puzzle games.


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You could try requesting such a Behavior in the Requests subforum, or you could try your hand at making the Behavior yourself and sharing it on the Forge for others to use.  The Forge works kind of like a wiki; it's built so that the community can add content to it as they find the need for things, so as to help each other out =) .  If you try making the Behavior, and you run into any obstacles, you can ask on the forums or IRC for help too.

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I have a behavior on Forge called "Scene Switcher".  You can add as many regions to your scene as you'd like.  Then you double click on them in Scene Designer and give them a name that indicates which scene it should switch to (the behavior describes exactly what to do).

Right now it triggers when an Actor enters the region, however it would be a trivial addition to make it also require a mouse click as well. 


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Thanks Greg I will look at it, and see if I can figure it out.  The "regions" would be better, as I have seen it posted that too many actors will bog down Stencyl.  The next thing to figure out is dialog, I haven't gotten them to work yet.  Stencyl is pretty cool.  I am sure it is going to really catch on.