Behaviors for Layers


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I wonder.. can you assign behaviors for layers in the same scene?  This might help me get around a few things.  Each actor having his own layer, so I can use the Scene Switch on click, or region, several times in a scene.


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I know there are various blocks in Design Mode related to layers, so you can make Behaviors that effect the layers of a Scene.  But you cannot create a Behavior and assign it to a layer, only to an Actor or Behavior.  I'm not sure why you would require the former though, if you simple plan on using the layers to separate Actors?  You could take the Behavior and merely attach it to the Actors you wish then.

You could also just modify the Switch Scene Behavior if you're looking to have it work for more than one region/Actor.  It would be simple enough.  If you're using the same Switch Scene I'm looking at, all you would have to do is duplicate the <[Player] is inside [Region]> block in the 'if' block, and create more Region Attributes to add more configurable Regions for that Behavior.  Use the '<[] or []>' block under Flow > Conditional to add more <[Player] is inside [Region]> blocks in the 'if' statement.

At least, I think that's how you could do it.  If you haven't been through the Design Mode Intro yet, I recommend it to help teach you build your own Behaviors.  You can find it in the Help Center in StencylWorks, with CTRL+L.

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Thanks for the comeback.  I did just that with both the Switch Scene, and the Draggable behavior.  Didnt know I could just hack code like that.  But I got both of them to work.  One note, you MUST fill out all the fields if you use multiple regions/actors.  If you don't the program bogs down.  I do not know how it might work on super multiple items though!  Like a point and  click game.. a hidden object.   With lots of hidden objects to click.  I guess it wouldnt be too bad.