How to focus and be motivated?


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There are always many distractions when I work on my game...I have to go to school too so i don't have much time. Any idea?


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That depends on what your distractions are.


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Well when I use the computer I tend to go on facebook and youtube a lot. Also, my friend comes over like everyday. I usually can work on my project for about 2 hours straight then it just gets tedious.


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Don't invite your friends over and disconnect your computer from the internet.


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i used to gather motivation first, and then sit down to work.. only when i am super motivated  :P


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my system broked down last week , i have one more system but it was not good too , got delayed by 3 days , both are being repaired . i got a laptop from my friend's started working on it uptill my system comes back. i kept myself motivated in the meantime  by and its community on my mobile. peoples are always talking games here :) .

sorry for bad english .


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Turn on some "Eye of the Tiger", punch some raw meat, and FINISH THE GAME!


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Don't try and work on it too much is sometimes the key. Say to yourself that you're going to work on your project for 30 minutes without stopping. Or maybe just 15 minutes. Work yourself up until you're able to work on it at a comfortable pace. It doesn't have to be two hours every day, since schoolwork is important, as well as socializing. Find a good pace and stick with it.


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There are always many distractions when I work on my game...I have to go to school too so i don't have much time. Any idea?

Well sometimes when i have worked more than 80 hours/week or more in my dayjob i got that same feeling. Just thinking of working on a game makes me feel that i have to throw up.

Anyway, you are a kid and you are only 1 time kid in your lifetime. You need to spend time with your friends and make fun. You can't have the same kind of fun when you are older. So don't spend too much time working either.


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Get your friend involved, but from his own house via the internet.

Remember when viewing youtube that most of those roller coaster crashes are fake anyway.

Facebook makes you more stupid every time you look at it, don't use it. If you must aquire slow brain death somehow try womens glossy magazines, same effect but they can't hold anyones attention as long.

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Hmmmm. If you feel you have to force yourself to do something that should be fun, creative, interesting, challenging and potentially profitable, you need to decide if this is what you really want to do.