Super Rocketeer


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Rocketeer did a good job attracting attention when the demo came out, getting good reception as well as being the first game in discussion of Irock Inquires. Since then I've made some talk of revamping it, and at this point I'm ready to share the early info of the new version of the game, Super Rocketeer, as I'd like to call it.

New art style

Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2

Gameplay Changes

While the core mechanics and plan for tight controls have stayed the same, the level design has been shifted to multiple smaller levels rather than long single levels per theme. This change is ultimately for the best as it allows me to put more attention to detail per segment, and prevents a level from dragging on too long, as well as lets me supply more overall gameplay.
Other than that, the whole scope of the game is planned to be bigger, and more varied.


This is the start of an ambitious title I'm working on, but one I'm more confident I can complete. I'll be keeping this thread up to date with more content that comes around in the future, such as screenshots, and a more polsihed demo than last time planned down the road. Feel free to give any comments, suggestions, or criticism you come up with along the way.

~ Blob

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The graphics are outstanding!


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*Mind explodes*

Very nice wood textures.


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It looks super! Try to finish it this time, eh?


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It's soooooooo cute!  Look at the little rocket-guy!!  His scarf should go swoosh while rocket boosting. o3o  It looks so great!


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Looks great man. I think I will miss the brightly colored look of before though. :)

Still, fantastic either way. Can't wait to play this.


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I agree, it looks very well polished. I am certainly keeping an eye on this one.
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Looks really good. Love the art style.


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Definite improvement, excellent work Blob!


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Looks really nice!


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Flippin' sweet. While I did like the super-long level design, the graphics alone are enough to get me excited for the full version. Keep up da good woik.


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This is the best thing ever!
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There is a fatal flaw in your demo: If you die while doing a rocket boost, the game freezes, and I get a negative ms value from Flash when determining FPS.
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