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Visit - the only published book for learning Stencyl.


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Apologies for that, not sure what I did wrong there ?  Best go and check the other places I posted that ! :)



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Only the determined can even try to make a game!
If u get an answer to ur question, edit topic title to [Solved] by "modifying" ur first post on the topic
Also, if you want ur link to say something else like this one, which leads to the Stencyl Arcade, you do this:
[ url= ]hello[/ url ]


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Hi, everyone

The website will be closing down soon, and all my artwork has been uploaded to

where it will remain, and any future additions will appear here also.

The website didn't really work out for me, and despite lots of downloads, to date I've only managed to make 27 cents for all my effort via links.  So apologies for those that have linked the website, as I said, I will be closing it down soon, but you will be still be able to continue to get any future updates at the opengameart site.



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Maybe you should also try advertising for the website, or something.
Its not easy to start a new site, you have to get it on google and that things ;)
Go check out my website: