Mandrake Girls


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oh wow looks very nice! even though I'm not the target group ;)


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made in korea
Very impressive - the graphics look awesome!

This is definitely one for the iOS showcase.


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The game looks great - one of the most impressive titles to date. I can sort of tell that it's done really well - several hundred reviews is significant, and the game is likely the only one in our library that actually uses virtual currency versus small unlockables. I'd love to hear the story behind the game and how it's performed on the store.

Because this past week, we've had 2 developers who reached the top of the app store and shared how they pulled that feat off. ;),19692.0.html,16587.0.html


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Looks very nice. Try to optimize your sounds & graphics so your game will be under 50 mb limit (which will make it downloadable via cellular) :)


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The artwork, amazing.  :)