SDT Relativistic Trip Calculator


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Not a game, rather an app. :) My first app with Stencyl 3.0 Beta. Using Stencyl3.0 was a necessity, because it uses double precision numbers, compared to the float used in Stencyl 2.2, and which allows the fairly high precision calculation needed for this application.... OK, OK, stop to this technicalities  :P Here is the description of the app:

How long does it take for an astronaut traveling at 90% of the speed of light to reach Proxima Centaury?
What is the travel time to the center of the Galaxy as seen by a proton at 7 TeV?
How fast shall we go in order to reach the closest habitable exoplanet in 1 Month?
The SDT Relativistic Trip Calculator can give you the answers!
Just set two of the three parameters (Speed, Distance, Time) and the Calculator will calculate the other one, taking into account the relativistic effect of time dilation.
Various presets and measurement units are provided.
Take an imaginary trip to the closest stars or to the Andromeda Galaxy at relativistic speeds and you will see it might not take very long to roam across the universe after all!

I hope that scientists and the curious among you can enjoy this simple piece of software. :)