Actor Collision Messaging (Advanced Messaging)


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Actor Collision Messaging

Resource Type: Behavior
Version: 1.0
Category: Collision
To get it: Simply search StencylForge:Behaviors for the title of the resource
Author: Dubealex

Play a demo now
Youtube video

This behavior attach to an actor to allow you to manage advanced messaging based on collision shape group. The main feautures are:

* Send message to itself
* Send message to the colliding actor
* Send message to the scene
* Modify an attribute on itself
* Modify an attribute on the colliding actor
* Advanced messaging with conditions. You choose which group on the current and colliding actor need to collide for the message to be sent.
* Can send multiple message or modify multiple attributes using lists


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I've played a couple of your behavior games so far, I must say that they are really well done! Great job on all of them and your progression with Stencylworks!
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