Worlds At War Demo now of FGL


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Hi Stencylers,

You can now play the game on FGL as long as you have an account, hopefully this link works

Would appreciate some feedback if you get the time.


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Ingame Screenshots

title screen

2 players

1 player

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Good concept, great art, controls need some love, and the concept needs expanding a little, controlling the remote missiles seems to slow the game down a bit much and resource collection is irritating at best. It is however better than anything I've ever made ^^

Keep on it !


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And when I say slows the game down, i don't mean fps which on my weak laptop was consistent and fine, i mean the missile is the slow boat ><. Nobody wants to fly a slow boat, it's not like at that speed there is any skill required either....


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Thanks for the feed back man,

So you think we should increase the speed of the guided missile, we can do that, ill test out some faster speed.

Would you prefer not to fly the missile at all, just launch the ships?

You didn't like collecting the coins, what about the satisfying pling noise?

Also, I've played drone ring, it was awesome.


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The answer to some of those is complex, whats the target platform, because windows.exe or flash makes the most sense with the current control scheme, there isn't a lot you can do to change it with the two player mechanic.

I would either increase the missile speed or make it autotarget the nearest enemy, my issue with it was that not only does it take some time to fly to where you want it doesnt seem to do a terrible amount of damage when you get there, I do get that it has to fit in with the ship pricing, and shooting down a 3p ship with a 1p missile would be a little broken.

I do like the satisfying pling noise, I'm a sucker for a good pling.

I really like the sattellite power up, I'd like to be able to buy those?

If the remote missiles main function is to fly around collecting coins, perhaps some sort of dedicated resource harvesting unit might work better?

Why do bullets kill coins :p seperate them to a new group? I wasn't actually sure if the coins were dying or being collected.

What I would do if it were my thing,
increase missile speed by 2-3 times.
Make the smallest unit fly to and collect coins, before attacking enemy ships/planet.
Remove the down arrow as the buy key and just have it for menu nav, and make a new key for selecting.

It is however not my thing what i made innit, and I like that it's not like a gazillion other games I've played, but it does need a little rejigging.

And glad you liked drone ring :) So did I.


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great feedback again, good honest stuff,

ive changed the controls for the 1 player mode, you now use x to activate the button and up and down to scroll through the ship selection, the major down side of this is you now cant play 1 handed while drinking coffee.

The bullets colect coins because, well just because. all projectiles collect the coins, so you dont have to do all the work with the guided missile.

ive increased the speed of the guided missile, yeah good idea its much better, tricky to steer though.

buying the satalite, maybe, could add another pop up bar above the force feild button perhaps.
I like the concept of the small units collecting coins, but dont think ill impliment that one.


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If anyone with a FGL sign in wants to try the game there is a link on the first post,

I hope, I always have problems with links,

Otherwise you can search for Worlds at War.