Anyone interested in a little art challenge?


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Is anyone interested in art challenges? without a price, just for fun and learning. (or some people gift behaviors and other resources for the winner?)

maybe a weekly challenge with a theme and sometimes restrictions (gameboy palette, 2-bit...) and an open voting.

if some people are interested i could administrate this and do the voting and stuff.

let me know what you think :)

This sounds awesome!  Count me in!


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abcdefghijklmnoyqrstuv-WXP&Z ;D


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Cool... Interested.
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thanks for your interest, just a few more people and we can start this.

And if you are interested but have not posted yet:
this is for beginners, pros, programmers, game artists, everybody. it doesnt matter how good you are or how long you been doing game art. this is just for fun and learning.
maybe you can get valuable feedback from this and improve.

i try to make the themes and stuff stencyl related, so that you could use the art you made and the things you learned for your stencyl games.
this is not only for pixel art, you can use any program you like. and if you are not familiar with any program you can even use pen and paper :)

there might be pixel art or vector art specific challenges later, but i try to make the first ones open for everybody.


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Sounds fun,count me in. 8)

Maybe you should consider making a poll,I think it's more convenient. 
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