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Hi Space Pirates,

one thing i would like to share which makes my life much easier building this game.
I have a ton of parameters to define which i do through attiributes.

A simple enemy alone has for example those:

What makes my life easier is adding "if has value" whenever i use attributes because sometimes i just forget it or its not needed. This way i dont get error messages all the time:

I also use defaults often. If has no value then...
This can be very useful aswell. Imagine you are using a behaviour for 100 different enemis and 60 of them are human. Why noit make the human sounds for example the default.

Just a tought i wanted to share.


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Retro Redux (untitled) (NEW).
I always appreciate useful feedback. Thank you.


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Hi guys,
here is a small little feature i needed for some levels.
EscapePods. Enter them and you are pushed far distances.
In this case right inot another ship :)

I still have to finetune an imations and stuff but this is fun already.


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Hi Space Pirates!

progress can be hard. Especially when you have just "to do " things like testing and editing configs to make things work. I also strongly believe that every project has this "i cant see it anymore" point of no return which is dangerous.
But...i am starting to see the finishing line. And this is a good motivation boost. I dont see it clear on the horizon yet but i see a shimmer of it and i am getting there. I can already smell it a tiny bit. Pressing the compile button for something around version 1.0.

Oh sweet life :)

Want to take a look on my testing sheet?
Here you go: