How do I make it to where one Mega Man moves left but other moves right?


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T is the Mega Man I want to move left
H is the Mega Man I want to move right
B is just blank

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simultaneously? with the same button, or a different one?

you need to be more clear for us to help you out.
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The question is rather vague. In the literal sense it is easy to do. Set one actor to have an x speed in the negative direction(left) and the other a positive x speed(right), or you could push with force in xDir -1 (left) or xDir 1 (right). I assume however that is not really your question so I will ask, under what circumstances should this situation occur?  I.e. Is it when a certain event happens, or a button is pressed, or do they always move back and forth in opposite directions?

Explaining in more detail what you want to accomplish will get you the answers you are really looking for.
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