Do you play games?


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I am playing recently lot of Starcraft2, gathering all the hard achievements in Wing of Liberty campaign.

Do you guys play games, and which ones? Or you are just concentrated on developing games? :D

Warzone Gamez

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My favorite games are
 ShadowGun : Deadzone. Its a multi-player third person shooter game with sweet graphics and fun gameplay.
 Celtic Heroes. It WAS a great game and I loved playing it, but then I got scammed 500k and 2 luxury items, and then I quit.
 N.O.V.A 3. N.O.V.A 3's campaign is pretty good. Graphics exceptional and multi-player is great.
All of these are available on iDevices, but ShadowGun is also for PC and mac. I prefer the PC over iDevices.
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I started recently replaying the Fallout games. Finished 3  with all addons, now playing New Vegas. 1 and 2 have to wait a little :)
Also played Starcraft 2 and got most of the hard and some brutal achievements, but got bored :| Maybe when the 3rd addon will come, I will replay all campaigns again and try to get all achievements :)

Max Finch

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Battlefield BC2, Battlefield 3, and Battlefield 4

Need for speed Rivals (Nearly beat the game)

Arma III

That's about all I've been playing lately but I haven't been playing much. I'm working on school and looking for a job.


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Yup. I also search for job. Thought I could make at least some money making one or two games. But no. They must be good :) Still things to learn about game development.

I also like Kingdom Rush. I play it on my Nexus 7. Awesome game. Lots of content. You have to be skilled like in SC2. No rewards without work :D


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I am playing recently lot of Starcraft2, gathering all the hard achievements in Wing of Liberty campaign.

I've recently become addicted to playing the -Mafia- map in Starcraft 2.  I've always been a fan of custom Starcraft maps since 1998, when I first started playing.  I take the time to play melee every now and then, but it doesn't quite compare.

On top of that, I've been playing Dragon Age: Origins, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (I also tried out Daggerfall and Arena), Xenoblade Chronicles (if you have a Wii, like RPGs, and do not have this game [along with The Last Story], you should be ashamed).

I'm trying to work down my backlog of games that I have yet to beat (believe me, there are a ton).  The problem is finding balance between working on developing games and playing them.
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Oh man, I was playing a good amount of SC2 but I want somebody to play with, instead of playing with random guys I don't talk to at all. A couple of times I played with a friend while talking through skype, and that was fun, and I remember that SC2 and W3 were extremely fun playing in LAN years ago, but it doesn't seem very fun when it's just strangers.

Around 2 days ago I first played Hotline Miami, and man, it's really fun.  Makes you feel like a super badass, although you can complete all of the levels in around 6 hours (although there's replayability because it's really fun to replay levels in itself, and you get new masks (which aren't like tf2 hats, have a significant impact on gameplay) and weapons on top of that). Been playing Super Hexagon on iOS when I have nothing to do and no access to the computer, although I'm not very good (best I can do is 45sec in Hexagoner :/), and I played Sleeping Dogs a few weeks ago and that was the best open-world game I've played. I play Civ 5 when I'm in a strategic kinda mood, too, although the addictiveness of that game wore down after the first 40 hours.

My favorite game of all time, however, is very different from these- Mount & Blade: Warband. Man, do yourself a favor, check it out, it's extremely awesome.
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I agree with Mount and Blade Warband, it is great! It did start to get a bit repetitive later on which made me grow slightly bored of it, but I would still regard it as one of my favorite games!

Other than that I have started to play League of Legends again because of my friends and I play Dark Souls occasionally, but really I don't play games all that much anymore.

I would also say that my all time favorite game series is Monster Hunter. If you haven't heard of it you should really check it out, it is the only game I will fangirl over!
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Leauge of legends and skyrim :)