[SOLVED] Maximum game complexity in Stencyl


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I'm just wondering, how big game is it possible to make with Stencyl?

I want to know my limits because I have in mind making a really "large" complex game and I want to be sure it's possible to make a really big and complex game with Stencyl.

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Thank you for those links, I'm gonna  do some tests myself too to see what's the limit with my own eyes. Thank you!


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You welcome. I am a Stencyl's noob here as well, but after extensively trying Stencyl for a last few weeks and also reading a lot of the documentation and forum posts I got a feeling that if you properly think the game through and designe it in a right way from the ground, then Stencyl is capable of supporting creation of a vast and complex games on a pro level.
For now it looks like one of the biggest barriers is the incompetence of Stencyl's user.  ;)


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I am currently creting an tutorial serie on how to build  complete RTS game with stencyl. it might not be the best looking game, but i am including different kinds of techniqeus which are kinda hard to understand fr new guys, but i try to explain them to the best of my abilities. you can check those video's out at my youtube channel which is linked in my signature.

after i am done with this tutorial serie, i will be working together with a friend of mine and we will want to create a big RPG game with multiplayer elements and mini games. you can follow that as well on my channel by the time i finish the RTS tutorial serie.

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I will check that out!

Thank you!