Tower - an endless runner (sort of) I might abandon

Hi all. I've got a WIP up here:

It's basically an endless runner / platformer, and it's my first game. It was intended purely as a learning exercise and I have far exceeded my initial goals with it and have learnt so much. Now I kind of want to move on and make something else, even though I wouldn't call it finished. However, the only thing thats missing in my eyes is more content and polish (platforms, upgrades, enemies etc), and I cant see much educational merit in just grinding out more content for a game I never meant to even release.

ANYWAY! Here it is, give me feedback, let me know precisely how and why I suck so I can get better!

PS. I know there are a few little bugs and I will iron those out before I move on (its just getting late and I have work in the morning). I had in fact fixed most of them before, but had to revert to an earlier backup of the game due to a CATASTROPHIC HARD DRIVE INCIDENT.

also just noticed this build has the wrong sound effects...


More to do tomorrow


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It is fun. :)

I don't get the meaning of the background but I love the way you implemented the speed increase!

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Cheers for playing and commenting man!

The original idea of the background was that you had to make it to the top of one of the towers. However, I couldn't implement it properly as I was really new to game development. I think I could probably accomplish it with my new found knowledge, but I've kind of lost steam on this project and want to tackle something a bit more exciting!

Cheers for the kind words man