New Royalty Free Music on IndieSFX


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 Hi Folks, I've just released some new royalty free music on

I'd like to make IndieSFX the first place to visit for game audio. I offer simple, flexible terms and all tracks are just $5. The library now contains 65 unique tracks and will continue to expand. Here's a lowdown of the new tunes...

Wanderings Of Isaac is a bouncy upbeat rock tune with a rolling beat that evokes travel, sand dunes, youthful adventure.

Waiting For Carla is a short looping tune with a bouncy rhythm like spies following each other, cartoon characters, ye olde Europe.

Remembering Manchester 1984 is a wide warm track with a new-romantic feel.

Birds Over Gibraltar is a relaxing summery miasma of strings and english horn.

Crazy Mazes a darting whirl of an electronic tune with unusual angular chord changes to give the tune a crazy psychedelic edge.

Darts Of Gold is a fast, angular music track with a crazy quirky edge.

Constructing Asteroid 7 is a mesmerising, background tune with an industrial drumloop that evokes steady progress, building, study.

Detective Nights is a cool track with a distorted lead and bouncing bass the track evokes detective work, spies, dark streets, secret missions.

Retirement To Colwyn Bay is a fun and sunny little tune in strings and harpsichord and Raid Over Venus is a simple, fast paced, upbeat electronic tune with a strong lead.

30 second examples of all tracks are available on, and like IndieSFX Sound Effects, music is supplied as full quality, 16-bit wav files in a single zip file.

Here is a link to the main music page: