XML Parser & Definition of Variables

Payment $50:
Project: I am writing a code that is interfacing with a webserver. I need a code to constantly call the webserver and define and and update the value of the return values based on XML. At the end of each run of the code, I need all data, tags and elements defined into global variables to be used in the program.  A sample return is below!

If you are interested, please email me at Seth@TheCloudMediaGroup.com

<input key="7715f2db-bdfd-4a7b-ab50-206dd26411cf" number="1" type="Video" title="Dord..mp4" state="Paused" position="0" duration="776214" loop="False" muted="False" volume="100" solo="False" audiobusses="M">Dord..mp4</input><input key="e5362e83-84e3-4b12-84c0-c18dad12570d" number="2" type="Blank" title="Blank" state="Paused" position="0" duration="0" loop="False">Blank</input>
<overlay number="1">Input.mp4</overlay>
<overlay number="2" />
<overlay number="3" />
<overlay number="4" /
><overlay number="5" />
<overlay number="6" />
<transition number="1" effect="Zoom" duration="500" />
<transition number="2" effect="Wipe" duration="500" />
<transition number="3" effect="Fly" duration="500" />
<transition number="4" effect="Zoom" duration="1000" />
<master volume="100" muted="False" headphonesVolume="100" />