NEW GAME - Tiny Miner is available for free in Apple and Google Play app stores


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      Tiny Miner   

Just launched my newest Stencyl game - Tiny Miner for iOS and Android - free  download. 

  • Guide your ship to mine the ore in the underground cavern to earn Miner Dollars
  • Miner Dollars can be used to upgrade shields and strengthen power-ups
  • Simple controls - touch the screen to go up and fight the downward pull of gravity
  • 4 Game Modes - each with original music and styles
  • Game Center Leaderboards and Achievements (iOS only)
  • Use real money with in-app purchases to upgrade more quickly
  • Incorporates ChartBoost and iAds

I'm a high school student and have been using Stencyl for a about 18 months creating games.  This is my third game I have published in the app stores.  Any and all feedback and suggestions are welcome and help the learning process of making better games with Stencyl.

Video Demo Calm Mode
Video Demo Timed Mode

Get the Game

- Download from iOS App Store
- Download from Google Play
- Visit my Facebook page

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Help me with some enhancements, please!   I have a few things I want to correct in the game and some additions to make.  If you could download it (free download) and give me your ideas on what should change or be added, I'd appreciate it.  Thanks.
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I thought your game was fantastic, Good Work!:) I loved how everything moved so smoothly, especially the game and how the menus would fluidly jump to each new scene:) (love those moving icons too!).  I think though, the icons on the main menu and background were a little...bland, because they had no color variation with the grey background (just too much grey!) Sorry gotta give the good with the bad. But seriously Great addictive game, Good work!
Oh and not sure if you're interested or not but this: is a great website to make professional looking icons for apps like curved edges that sort of thing :)

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Thank you for trying it (and feel free to share it with your friends!).  I appreciate the feedback on the icons and the grey.  Let me know any other feedback, good, and also where improvements can be made - this is my third game and I'm trying to get better each time, and have some fixes/updates I want to make to this one.

The icon site looks cool...I will give that a try!  I currently use Adobe Fireworks to make a lot of the icons and graphics, but I'm interested in learning about other tools.
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