Tiles, tiles, tiles. Argh.


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Seems to be getting a lot of problems about this recently.

So, this time i'ts about behaviors,a few questions:

You know those ground spikes that cause damage if you step on them? I used to use a actor for that, but just wondering, can I achieve that effect if I use a tile?

Also, water blocks that slow the player down and cause damage when standing under it for a period of time?

And finally, vertical ladders that you can climb and stand on top?



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Tiles' shapes are combined so you can't figure out which individual tiles are involved in a collision. You only know a collision occurred with tiles in general. This makes impossible to know if a tile is a spike simple ground.

(Theoretically, it's possible to guess which tile it is, with some tricks, but the process is pretty involved and requires coding.)

About ladders, Greg has made a behavior to enable them. Check out the Run And Jump kit.
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