Google Play Games [Stencyl now supports GPG out of the box]


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Stencyl now supports Google Play Games out of the box. We're sticking this notice here to avoid confusion.


Google Play Games Services v0.1 extension for Stencyl

I have made this extension for my new game, which comes out very soon.


1) Install Extention

2) Google Play Developer Console
2.1 Set up the game in the Google Play Developer Console (
2.2 Create and set up your Leaderboards and Achievements
2.3 Create a linked application and auth it with your SHA1 fingerprint of the certificate !!! very important !!!

3)Edit ids.xml file inside extention directory.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <string name="app_id">APP_ID_FROM_CONSOLE</string>

replace APP_ID_FROM_CONSOLE by your App ID from Google Play Game Services


4)How to use extention

4.1 After game is started extention connects to Google Play Games Services automaticaly!
4.2 To submit score you need to place "GooglePlay: submit score" block or call function
4.2 To show Leaderboard: "GooglePlay: show leaderboard" or call
4.3 To unlock achievement  : "GooglePlay: unlock achievement" or call
4.4 To increment achievement  : "GooglePlay: increment achievement" or call
4.5 To show achievements table : "GooglePlay: show achievements" or call

To test my game, you need to join google plus community "Denver2003 Games"
and download game from
To test Google Play Games Services into the game send me your Gmail and i'll add it to testers email list.

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yes, you're right, it's news to me)
but for me it was a good experience in creating extensions)


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Very nice Denver, thank you for your great extension. I will test your extension and the official one as well. And I am waiting to test your game too! Keep up the good work!:)


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Thank you Denver, great work! :)
My Website:

Max Finch

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Finally something of importance for the Android folks.
Has anyone tested the extension yet, what's the experience with integration like?


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Wow,Finally <3 <3
Denver did you test it? it works? :D