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Game moved from arcade to kong.

Fundamentally finished but requiring lots of tidy up and a front page screen with save game control.

Has been an interesting exercise in creating drag and drop systems.

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That is a lot of fun. I am partial though since I like idle upgrade games :)


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Did everything you see on the screen make sense?, I'm pretty good at making a complex and impenetrable game ><.

Also having an issue with numbers getting too big and breaking, as you play for longer.  Thinking about how to fix it :(.


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The XP-meter bugs since it's not rounded.
When changing from 'flight' to 'design' the miniature enemy ship is still displayed.

How does the zone timer work, is it the 'pilot' upgrade I buy to modify it?

Refine the graphics, add a help/tutorial page and the save function you are talking about and port it to iOS and this is a game I would gladly pay for!


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Thank you very much for the feedback :)

In the version I'm currently working on, the xp meter bug is fixed, the enemy ship bug is fixed, and something like standard form has been added so numbers don't grow too large for stencyl to handle correctly.

The number of engines, the pilot skill and the programmer skill (which is hands downthe best skill, no bias) all add to engine output, speed is output / mass, zone timer is modified by speed.

This actually allows you to make a solid battleship which over the course of DAYS would earn huge amounts, or speedy blockade runners who power through the zones  building mutliplier quickly, then get spanked and restart over a few minutes.

Save features going in next, not sure how to handle a help/tutorial page atm but will think on it, will need to renew stencyl license + apples other hoop jumping for ios :p.


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Another idea is to restrict building certain things to certain areas, so you don't end up with these kind of awesome ships:

To make up for limits in building space you could use different upgradeable tiers of the pieces.

Just a suggestion :)