Beta Testers Wanted for Puzzle Game

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Hi Everybody

I'am currently looking for beta testers for my latest game Puzzle Sweeper. The game is a cross between Minesweeper and a dungeon crawler and its thread on the forum is here:,41321.0.html

I'm looking for a few people to play the game for 10-15 mins and fill in a short questionnaire, the whole thing should take no more than 20 mins of your time and in exchange I'am offering a free copy of the game once it is released (on a platform of your choice - iOS, Android, PC or Mac) and my eternal gratitude, I would also be happy to beta test one of your games should you have one.

The game is designed for touch screen devices but to make things easier I have decided to use a flash version for the testing, so no devices are required.



Apologies If I have posted this in the wrong form


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I'd be happy to test it for you.


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I  would love to help you !you can email me at
My name is Jason, I live in America, and I am 18 years old

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