[iOS and Android] Flappy Levels: Arcade of Flappy


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Flappy Levels: Arcade of Flappy

Are you sick of the birds flappy-ing around? In Flappy Levels, you pilot a jet fighter with a mission to eliminate all of the flappy birds.

Game features include 5 mini games:
1. Plane flyer similar to a Flappy Bird type
2. Arcade shooter styled after Galaga
3. Snake inspired game where you avoid your smoke trail
4. Flight simulator where you are targeting the flappies
and 5. An avoidance game when the flappies launch their counterattack

All of the mini games just require you to tap or hold on the screen to control the plane.

Get the Game

- App Store
- Google Play

Screenshots (and/or Video)


This game was very interesting to make. We decided to get away from the normal "bounce" of the flappy birds and give it a closer feeling to a plane. When you are pulling up are speeding up, you have some drag that you need to compensate for. My favorite mini game was the "flight simulator". I am thinking about developing that game further using some 3D calculations.


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Hi ceosol,

Thanks for announcing your game, and congrats with getting it developed and published. I will go have a look at it  :)