Jumpy Zoo [iOS & Android]


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This is the first game I am developing with my friends titled Jumpy Zoo. Jumpy Zoo is a simple highscore game, just like many others. Players can unlock different characters either by  buying or achieving a certain score.

*Changed the gameplay to only Jumping. Previously was a combination of running and jumping.
*Revamped art style.
*Changed the flow of the different scenes.

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Sounds like a fun game. Congrats with getting so far with it and I wish you luck with all your future releases. Don't stop here :) Keep going!



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Hi everyone!
It's been a really long time since I've posted anything about Jumpy Zoo, so here's an update!
Jumpy Zoo is currently going through a revamp in gameplay!

Here's our title design as well as our first few playable characters! How do you find our character designs? I'll be posting some gameplay soon!

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I like the updated character designs. I think they'll fit into the background much better than those in the earlier screenshots you posted.


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This looks real nice. Like the website!
Can't wait to try the game!
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Thanks all!
Here's a quick update on the characters!
A couple of designs were made before we settled for this style. What kind of art style attracts your attention?