Does Stencylworks work for Xbox Indie Games???


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I mostly play Xbox Indie games, Mostly because they come up with great ideas. But Does Stencylworks work on XBOX Live for indie games (and if not will they come up with a upgrade for it??)
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1. NO. Read the front page, the about page, blog posts. It only works for flash at the moment, but they are close to releasing iStencyl.

2. Probably never. The xbox code really sucks. Course, ya can do it in multiple languages. I remember a while back learning some of the code, but I couldn't actually make anything since I need Vista or 7 for it and I'm on XP. Also, only a few very good artists (and actionscripters) have made 3D games with stencyl. Stencyl is generally for 2D games.

You're into XBOX games huh? Well sozzy, but um... NOOB! PS3 is so much better! But I'd love to get you interested in flash games. head over to and just start playin'! Flash games are great, there are a ton of them, and all varieties.

Oh and I don't have a PS3 by the way. :)

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You know the 2nd point isn't necessary llama thats just being a idiot. People are allowed to have opinions you know ( Ps3 is better though in MHO).


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Please don't disclose info that's not official or revealed about pricing - we'll announce the pricing when it's official. I've edited your post.

To answer the original question, we have no plans to support Xbox.