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Hello fellow stencyl addicts ^_^ I've been working on making an indy game now for at least 7 or so years and trying to do everything's not going well.. I have to face it my programming skills are extremely lacking.. lol even stencyl programming is quite difficult for me I'm changing directions lol. I need a team some programmers interested in working with me to make a decent flash rpg game :D I have a great wealth of graphical resources. panorama's, characters, face sets, animations, tilesets. you name it if it has to deal with traditional rpg's I've got it haha and sound effects and music resources.. not really interested in profiting off of this. All I want is to be a part of something big and benefit the community as a whole. so that we all may one day make the game of our dreams we need to work together fellow game dev enthusiasts it's all for one and one for all! ..anybody interested in working together on this please post and let's get this thing going  :D

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I'd be more than happy to collab :D
I could program.


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great the more interested the merrier XD not sure which is the best way to go about doing this though this will be my first time ever trying to organize a collab maybe using emails or such? or the stencyl forge itself or both +the forums all opinions welcome I'm anxious to get started XD. I know how the great programmers are afraid of thieves and closely guard their codes and systems just like how in the past I've closely guarded any and all graphics especially my best edits and originals because they took so long to make but I realize as time goes on i just get better at what i do . I'm sure the same can be said of all users who invest their time and countless hours on projects. but if we all work together on a project we can create something fun to play and all in all it's only going to force everyone who is currently making the bucks to up the ante on their own work in order to compete with us.. right now my best skills would be in the graphics dept so that will be my contribution. anybody else with a passion for traditional rpgs please read and respond so we can figure this out
I think Stencylforge would be our best chance.
Well, get on if you want to talk about the game (It's the official Stencyl chat, and we can PM each other). I'll be on there for quite a while :)


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I may do some coding in exchange of graphics for my space shooter. I'd like it to have them in Warblade style (if you played the game, you basically know what I'm thinking of, if not either download demo or watch yt videos).

What'll be your game about? I can also help with storyline.

What behaviors you want me to do for it?

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And what should I do? :P
Could you give us a general idea about what the RPG will be like/about?