[Resolved] Game Saves and Deploying App Updates


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I have had a good look for other posts but haven't found any so here is my question..

Scenario: Game deployed to iOS / Android as version 1

Version 1 has Game attributes (Examples)

HiScore - Number (0)
Level 1 - List containing
0 - 50
1 - 100
2 - 200
3 - 300

User plays game,  saves game (Attributes above are saved locally to the device)

Version 2 is Released with updates to Game attributes below
Level 1 - List containing
0 - 51  (updated)
1 - 101  (updated)
2 - 202  (updated)
3 - 303  (updated)
4 - 404 (New)

User Updates game to version 2

As I understand it the Users game will load the saved attributes and the following will be used in the game

HiScore - What the user had before
Level 1 - List now contains
0 - 50 (Version 1 value loaded from save)
1 - 100 (Version 1 value loaded from save)
2 - 200 (Version 1 value loaded from save)
3 - 300 (Version 1 value loaded from save)
4 - 404 (This is a new item in the list for version 2, and will persist? or will this item be removed because its not in the user save data?)

If all data is lost on load, assuming the solution would be to Load the user data, update the list values from code, then save again.. Thus making sure no new updated data is lost?


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I've always wondered the same thing. I suppose you can test it fairly easily. It just takes some time to go through the scenarios.

Test a game on your device with a set of GAs. Change those GAs and test again.


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I'm guessing that loading the game would just use the saved data and not have any of the new items in the list.  So the solution you said about loading and then updating is likely the way to go.


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Thanks for the responses..

I have tested the scenario, and the result is as rob said..

Any existing list is replaced with the users saved data, so if you add any new items to a list, or change any values, these will be gone when the user file is loaded.

Any new attributes that were not in the save file are kept.