video/movie for background


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please forgive me..i'm italian and i don t speak english very well..
btw i love stencyl concept because i'm a child inside my heart and my Youth was surrounded by amiga 500!

i go for question!
is it possible to use a video for background?
i'm a director and sometime i prefer pre production than post production..
i have tons of videos that i wish to use for my game.(i suppose to convert em..and less colours..)

i hope you understand..
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Actually I was just looking into this earlier today and yesterday. If you are doing flash, then you would need your video to be a .swf and you would use this extension, and it is all created with I think one block.
-,24896.0.html (iOS ONLY)

If you are using mobile then use this extension, although its just a little harder to do. You will need the video format to be .MP4 for this one though.
-,35620.0.html (FLASH ONLY)

Hope this helps!!

-Eli Ward


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I hope to help you in the future


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Actually there is also a extension like that for the flash player also.,35620.0.html


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really well done..
btw i will post my videogame based on amiga500 style..

i wish to hire a stencyler..lessons online..step by step..
money is not a problem..