Hola Mundo - Learn Spanish through an RPG!


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Hello everybody.
Hola Mundo is a multiplatform video game, comparable to Pokémon, in which players learn Spanish by interacting with objects and characters while exploring a fictional world. The prototype is being made in Stencyl.

The idea for Hola Mundo originated from a conversation about what would make a really cool video game. My friend and I came up with something that really excited us, a game similar to the Legend of Zelda that taught you a language. It would use voice recognition technology and be the coolest thing since ice cream. That’s as far as we got. I'm on a journey to make that dream a reality.

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Cool concept! And nice start on the art!
Have fun in completing it and I will be watching the journals when you post updates!
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suena realmente interesante! Yo lo descargaria!


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Looks cool, I like the idea of learning another language while playing. I wish you best of luck and look forward to following your project as it develops.