[Solved] Conditional Collision? Or Toggling Collision?


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I've been tearing my hair out trying to figure this out. I feel like I'm missing something here.

Is it possible to create an actor(or platform) that doesn't collide if it's hit from the bottom? I'm trying to make a Castlevania style platform that works like the platforms in this video from 29 seconds on:


The player passes through them if they are traveling upwards, but then collides normally otherwise.


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Several users have made one-way platforms. The engine doesn't support it natively, but they use a clever trick with animations.

The gist of it to switch to an animation with a sensor shape, when the character is jumping, and another with a solid shape when it's falling down.
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Like stand on ladder! I knew I was missing something!

Thanks so much.


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hi im totally new to this sort of thing but got good understanding of whats needed.

I was wondering prety much the same thing for clouds etc. but dont have a clue where to start so anyone with any tutorials or similar for it.


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Take a look at the "One Way Platform"-behavior on StencylForge for a working example.