Who's from TheGamingUniverse, because I think it died perma!


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Rowan, from TheGamingUniverse hit rock bottom from what I read a few days ago.
He went blind (not 100%) but enough he can't read. He was getting meds while driving, and then went blind.
(I think the meds had to do with his eyes.)

He's also flat broke, and been struggling to keep the forum up for a while.
(There might be a new free version in the future, but for now, I don't think the original is coming back)
Anyways, with the site down, all contact with the members are lost, and was wondering if any of the active members are still around, and best way to contact.

I don't even know Rowan's facebook, so no clue on what happened, as he left the message at the end of the month.


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The gaming universe? Wasn't The site that had some specific games making programs or something? Well, i remember finding that site through armageddon games forums which was similar, ( lots of years ago) so maybe  you will find people there.
That is so sad  btw...