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Hi everyone.
I recently uploaded a demo of the game MarsQuest to the stencyl arcade. It is still a work in progress, but coming close to being completed. I'm starting this journal as a place where I can post about the game's progress, and also as a place where I can share and receive feedback and comments from you as I make progress developing the final version.

MarsQuest can be played here on Newgrounds:
MarsQuest can be played here on stencyl arcade: (choppy and laggy)

MarsQuest_Demo is a story of a martian mineral miner named Jasper who must figure out a way to obtain a medicine jar, which he must use to cure his bed-ridden and sick girlfriend named Jade.  (screenshots attached)

This game requires some serious exploring to complete. It is about a 30-minute long game, if you know all of the secrets. It is supposed to be somewhat challenging! So don't give up!

As of this moment, I am interested in hearing about your experience playing it!

In particular, I'd like to know how far you got in the quest. Were you able to find and use the spinaxe? Fight the boss? Complete the game?
I'm still trying to figure out better ways to engage the player at the start. Does anybody have any suggestions?

Also, As I'm sure everybody thinks about this at one point or another...I'd like to make MarsQuest more than just a hobby and explore the possibility of profit with it. So in my journal, I'll post about any developments with that.

I'm more than willing to share thoughts and ideas... so please don't be afraid to ask anything.

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So, I have decided to upload my game to Newgrounds and so far it has received about 4500 plays! The newgrounds link to the game is:

Besides that, I have made some significant changes to MarsQuest.

Here is my update log so far.
:Newgrounds Medals!!
:Newgrounds Scoreboard!!
:better sound effects
:faster walking speed
:better spinaxe weapon
:easier-to-kill rock crabs
: Composed a beautiful score for the game
: Press "M" key to mute the music
:Save-progress feature added - Press "S" key any time to save
:Inventory system altered. Press "Z" or "X" key in the pause menu to cycle available weapons
:Self-Destruct feature added - In case stuck in a bug, press "K" key to kill player
:A few gameplay bug fixes

I'm not sure why, but the Stencyl arcade version is choppy and laggy. Could it be that the Newgrounds API is interfering with the Stencyl arcade platform?


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The controls are definitely much improved from the original version. :)


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MarsQuest has been added to GameJolt!


A new play-through video has been made by K G Yonetwoone


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Hey dacaldera! I really enjoyed the game, especially the music :) As for your request for feedback, I wasn't entirely sure what I was doing on the outset in terms of narrative? I read in your original post that you are saving your character's girlfriend, maybe some help establishing that early would help players become motivated right from the get-go. I look forward to seeing more!