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If you have any stories or links to games that you have when dealing with a publisher, please respond. Thanks!

Magic Mansion -,48873.0.html

Turtles in the Sky (I do not know the current status)

(I have just talked with their representative, never signed any contracts)

Chillingo /EA
(Just a mention in another forum post)

(I do not have personal experience, but have heard allegations of stealing apps)

New Reality Games (contact Ross Tunney email:
Ceosol -
Radical Spectrum vol 1 -,47128.0.html (was developer, did not handle the business side)
Dead6hot -,45114.0.html (game sold to NRG)

Dungeon of Zolthan -,47717.0.html

Other - Multiplatform
Forever Entertainment (contact Zbigniew Debicki email:
(I quickly had a conversation - they are based in Poland and publish to Steam, mobile, consoles, etc.)

Here is a quote from thechaosengine regarding publishers:
Yeah, but there's not much to say really. If you make an interesting game that looks good and is properly polished, and you're open about it during development (on twitter, post screenshots and gifs, use the #screenshotsaturday hashtag, or on TouchArcade / PocketGamer forums, stuff like that), interested publishers can find you that way and strike up a conversation.

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That's a great start, Ceosol. Thanks so much.

Please make a note that Ketchapp should be dealt with very cautiously. There are so many allegations against this company which seem so real.
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I added another publisher, under "Other" because they are multiplatform. I also included a couple of the contact addresses that I knew.