New indie game dev support group. Giving away free ad space for new members!


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Join App Invasion Developers now, a group of indie game developers united to help promote each others work while leveraging the App Invasion network for support.

Registration is free and currently you get:

- A thread in their Game Thread subform for each game you've published.
- 1 Game thread featuring (puts your game thread into their frontpage!).
- Access to the Developer Chat and most importantly the Developer Trading subforums where you'll be able to support each other by trading for:
    - Appstore reviews
    - Social network favors
    - Twitter account follow, tweet retweet/like
    - Facebook page "like"
    - Kickstarter donations
    - Steam greenlight votes
    - Reddit thread upvotes
    - Cross promotions
- Eligibility to enter AID contests and a chance to win free advertising on their online game communities. Here's  a couple of them so you know your possibilities:
    - (duh!)
    - much more!

The more who join the more we can help each other so join now and help spread the word. Strength in numbers!

For more details:

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