Just quickly... (In-App Purchases - Android)


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Can you try to put the free unmanaged block after you both it, in the when purchases succeeds event.
Or wait a couple of seconds to call the buy function after free unmanaged function.
I think buy function is called to quick after free unmanaged.


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Hi robin,
I know that it's an old thread, but with new Stencyl version, I have the same exact problem; the first item is bought successfully, but if you try for a second one, there is a problem. In my game between a purchase an other you must wait about 20 sec, so there is all time before buy function. I have open an issue, because this is so strange.


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I am also having the same issue with the most recent version of Stencyl.  Was anyone able to figure out?

I can make the first purchase just fine but the second purchase doesn't go through.  I Buy, Use, and then Free Unmanaged for all of the consumable purchases.

Any help would be so appreciated.  Thanks