Spine Skeleton Engine Extension v0.0.5


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This works beautifully in build 9520. In 9689, apparently the anything blocks cause null pointer exceptions.

This extension is very easy to get going. Thanks for making those Lessons on your site!


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Just wanted to throw this out there: http://www.stencyl.com/game/play/38028

It is a 2.5D work in progress using the spine extension.


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Definitely I am going to use this excellent extension in many of my games because the visual result is fantastic.
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 great job.. @Ceosol  how hard is it to make animations for the spin extension? and do i need to use spine.. i have this
https://creature.kestrelmoon.com/  .. what file types can the animations be?


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Squeeb, you can always try it. The spine extension looks for a .png, .skel, .json, and .atlas file with the same name. I don't think it would work if you do not have all of those. The first few attempts exporting from esoteric spine software did not work, so the extension is finicky to some degree.


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Hello Robin. Excellent your contribution. I wanted to know if there is a way to use other animation software such as Spriter Animation, Creature Animation or Creature or Dragon Bones Pro (which is OpenSource). I appreciate any response. :)


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Apparently block "code:null" doesn't work anymore to remove an attachment. Do we have any solution for this?
How to remove an attachment in slot in Spine file without using "null"?
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Anyone know how to set the Root when using the 'Current Scale' block?

The root X seems to shift ~20px depending on the device I test it on which messes up the centering.


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Hey Robin,

Doesn't seem that your Spine Extension is working for version 4 builds (currently using build 10404). Seem to be getting errors relating to the Region Attachment file?

If I replace it, I get more issues about "no field wrapper"



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If you have an older version of the spine extension, start a project in an older version of stencyl. Set up everything with the "anything" attributes. When you import it into the latest versions stencyl. the anything attributes carry over.