OpenFL for Home Game Consoles, wii u ps4 xb one ect, and 3d?


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i found this and it even mentions stencyl, i apologize if its been discussed before,  anyone have any newer news on this?  seems like stencyl may be able to eventually export to wii u ps4 xb one ect.. maybe even 3d support, a 2d or 3d game engine?


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People have also looked into the WayForward engine for haxe.


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A few month ago I contacted Lars ( the director of the project ). He replied that development is still active, and has been going continuously. He also mentioned that they were able to run projects on Xbox One, PS4, PSVita, and WiiU, though we are not quite ready to ship just yet. He said they plan on announcing some more information in the next few months.  I asked him some more questions. This is what he responded :

1. Will these features of Console support be open to the public ( to purchase the special Haxe ) this year?
Probably! I plan on shipping my own game with it before the year is done. Can't make any promises but we should have some updates soon.

2. From a percent rate from 1 to 100 which percent is the development progress status at this point ?

Probably 75 - 90 percent.

3. What consoles is the development team specifically working on right now ?
PS4, PSVita, WiiU, XBox One.

4. Has the development team actually fully completed or close to completing any consoles yet ?
Nothing is 100% complete yet. PS4, XBox One and PSVita are the furthest along, though we have applications/demos running on WiiU as well.

5. Have the the development team able to test or work applications on the Nintendo 3DS and PS3 ?

Nintendo 3DS : no, given the low memory requirements we have found the Haxe garbage collector is a pretty big barrier, so we are focusing on everything else for now.

PS3: I believe this is doable, we have kits for it, and our existing work is compatible with it, but it hasn't been our top priority.

Any other questions you guys want me to ask him just let me know.


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Yes! Sounds very promising .  I appreiate all the responses! I won't be going to unity for consoles.. even though I'm not there yet anyways ;) haha
Any plans for 3d games on stencyl?  Or are we staying with 2d?


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3d support would require such a massive change that I don't see it ever happening.  Fixing every bug on the issue tracker would probably be less effort than that.


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Haha! No worries.. I figure I need to master 2d before I even think about 3d!  If we get console support.. I don't think I'd leave stencyl.. I've been around on and off since the beta..  unfortunately I haven't made anything of myself yet in that time! Haha.. I'm close though.. I can feel a hit game coming!


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Well first we need to get new openfl to be integrated with Stencyl.. I think Justin is doing that about right now =)


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And it's a lot of fun. :)
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Ahh! The unsung heroes! We appreciate you


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Any news about ps4/xbox support?
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