The road to succes with TheIndieStation


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Hey all!

So after reading a whole bunch of blog topic on how people are walking their path towards their goal, I realised we can learn allot from each others experiences and mistakes. This got me thinking about doing the same, but since I am not here just to create games, this will also include experienes with organizing events and how they went. I am planning on posting a new bunch of info every month, since I already have a a whole list of things to do on a weekly base haha. So to start with my topic, I thought that I should properly introduce myself, and what got me started with TheIndieStation.

My story starts back in  2012 when I discovered that I have a whole bunch of medical conditions. I am gona spare you the details, but to put it simple, my body doesn't allow me to work a normal 9-5 job for the rest of my life. Knowing this, I had 2 options:

- Work a 9-5 job untill the point I no longer can, and live the rest of my life of an unemployment benefit.
- Throw everything over my shoulder and build a company that can support my for the rest of my life.

At first decided to keep working untill I knew what I really wanted to do, and in the meanwhile start poking in different sectors to see what would fit me the best. My love for games has been around since I was 4 years old, and I got my first console which back then was the NES with Megaman 2. Till today that game is still one of my favorite games, and posible explains my love for retro games haha. But let's forward to half way 2013...

My love for games started to grow into curiousity in how games work, and this curiousity quickly turned into the need to learn about game development. At first I started where probably everyone started, in Unity3D. But without any knowledge about programming I quickly ran face first into that inevitable wall of "now what". Eventually I found Stencyl, which made much more sense because of all the blocks with a clear description of what they do, and how I should use them. Skip forward another 6 months and I was pretty confident that I could do the most basic things I can come up with. Then I started to realise that the structure of a behavior in Stencyl looked an awefull lot as a C# in Unity3D, and this actually dragged me back to Unity3D, because well, everybody used Unity3D haha.

At the end of 2013 I already got bored with Unity3D, since there was way to many things to keep track of, so eventually I turned back to Stencyl. Then somewhere in the beginning of 2014 there was a forum post about how to create a moving platform, to which I replied to would throw together a quick tutorial, which basicly was the beginning of TheIndieStation =D

Skip forward another 2 channels (of which one was being requested to be removed because there was a company with the same name haha), 11 months, a whole bunch of positive feedback on my easy to understand but in-depth way of teaching things, roughly 1200 subscibers (almost growing by the 5 per day) and we are where TheIndieStation is today!

But the main reason I mainly want to become a company that seriously teaches how to create games, happened back in September 2016 when I went to Toronto for a month. Here I came across one of the organisers of a game related event, and we ended up organizing 2 workshops. These workshops were my first 2 real life classes, and after receiving so much positive feedback from all the participants, I knew it for sure. I want to teach people the basics of game development!

Obviously at this time, I already did some market research in my local area to see if there is a chance that I might be able to make this a viable operation, but that is probably to boring to put into this thread haha.

So from now on, I will keep you guys posted on my experiences, tips and tricks and all the other things I will be learning from starting my own operation of both teaching, and creating indie games. I already have some interesting topics on my agenda, such as how to start without any budget, and how to properly market your games. But these things will have to wait untill I have my current plans finished. But in order to do this, I have uploaded a vlog in which I ask for some opinions, however nobody has dropped a comment yet haha. If just a couple of you guys would have a look and drop some comments, that would be of great help for me =)

Here was my vlog:

Cya next time!


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Awesome! I've been watching you channel for some time now. You have taught me so much about Stencyl that I don't know where to start. You rock! I'm also loving these type of posts so I will also keep an close eye on this :)

Good luck man and keep at it! (I haven't figured out any ideas yet for your next tutorials)
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Great read, great story and you are such an important part of the community!
Thanks for your efforts! Great job :)


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It is really cool seeing another one of these blogs. Thank you so much for taking the time to write it :)