How can I make this menu more appealing?


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Any ideas? Suggestions? Criticism? Let me know! All welcome here.


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Try to make them move in and out of the screen upon entering and leaving the scene, and add some mkvement to all actirs so they look more alive


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1. TheIndieStation beat me to it, but I was going to say add some movement. You could have the background scroll, and not only could you have the clouds move into view, but you could have them move with a parallax effect as the mouse moves around the screen.

2. Limit the number of fonts you use. It looks like you have three. It would look better if you use one font, but change it for different uses. E.g. use different colours and sizes, but try not to have too many variations if you don't need them.

3. Buttons to enable/disable music and sound effects would be useful.
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I always appreciate useful feedback. Thank you.


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Thanks, I have taken all suggestions into note especially the moving menu ones.

I was thinking of depicting a small fight scene between the clouds whilst  running into each other and bullets flying in random directions.

With a vignette focus on the scene of course

And in the middle there would be "CELESTIAL CLOUDY" in BIG gold letters as they clash
Something like this without intruding with the menu buttons of course