Rusty Floyd Shotgun (First boss, need testers :) )


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Going with the psychedelic theme, you could pick up mushrooms or something which affect the level/gameplay is some way.
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I always appreciate useful feedback. Thank you.


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I like that! Gonna have to think about how to incorporate that. .
Work in progress: Rusty Floyd Shotgun :


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Newest update:  0.1!

Psychedelic theme is still the goal once my art skills get up.

Added fall damage, level texts, dying text, and another level! Have a bug I can't solve where, if you play the second level you'll see when you're up against a wall and shoot the zombies you jump behind the tiles and are stuck there. Any help with that bug is greatly appreciated.

There's an interesting mechanic to use if you get past that bugged area to easily kill a large amount of zombies with little ammo. Hint: gravity.

Looking to make new enemy types for the next levels with different mechanics to play around, but will have to be making them in photoshop and that takes forever.

Thanks to anyone who plays it and gives feedback!

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Work in progress: Rusty Floyd Shotgun :


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-Pause Menu w/ music/sound volume customizations and restart button. (now you can turn that gross zombie sound down..whew)
-Dash function with "stamina" by double tapping (  ;D )  a directional movement.  (SKIIIRRRRRRT!)
-Randomly "lunging" zombies. Zombies will turn red for 1 second and make a sound before "lunging" at player character.  (You won't like them when they're red!)

Smaller updates:

-Set player to be unable to jump while falling from a platform without having jumped off it. (no more freeby jumping from the pit of doom)
-Turned the pickup bullets into "sensor" type collisions to stop messing with falling on them and then falling on tile and creating an awkward fall damage interaction.  (oh it broke my fall but I still take 2 chunks of fall damage? great).

Up next:
First boss . Will incorporate a large animal and explosions
Choosing your level from a menu. (sick of that first level already? skiiip)
Also thinking about adding a "zombie kill" counter. That saves to your game file with achievements for reaching certain numbers of zombies killed with rewards of some such. (Everyone likes that sense of accomplishment right?  8) )

As always, feedback is greatly appreciated as well as advice on splatting certain bugs you may come upon.

See ya next time!
Work in progress: Rusty Floyd Shotgun :