Journey to the stars - Alpha version.


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I'd like everyone to try and test this game. It's hardcore, kind of fast paced, timer based platformer. The last level is incomplete. I'm mostly looking for your opinions on the game. How to improve it. What would you change, and of course the bugs and glitches of the game. I'd really appreciate everyones help!

Journey to the stars game


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Thanks for sharing your game. I like the graphics and the music.
The camera movement is too abrupt, and maybe the semitransparent platforms are too transparent.

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I agree with Liberado. The camera movement made me feel dizzy, and the platforms are not clear enough. The graphics and gameplay are great though, even if I was a little confused as to what I was meant to be doing. (What pickups did what?)
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pretty hard game. couldn't get past the second (purple) level after like 7 tries. There was a particular part that I kept failing on that seemed like I couldn't make the jump no matter how many times I tried.

Overall I like the atmosphere of the game. Cool music with cool backgrounds, had a mellow vibe to it with pretty difficult platforming. I liked the random pickups where it was like, okay this one makes me faster, okay this one makes my jumps higher, and they would run out after a bit of time. It was cool. Also really good visuals! I like the power up bar and the backgrounds the most. And the blob's expressions are pretty great too.

Not a big fan of the direction you decided to take with the camera. I see where you tried to go with it but the changes in directions cause the camera to be way too sporadic.

Overall, I'd give it 6/10 so far. Again, I tried around 7 times on the second level. Maybe I need to git gud but that one particular part I kept falling short of my landing block.
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Thanks for your input so far! Really grateful for all of you! @KaB00MxRHx Could you perhaps screenshot the jump, so I could take a look at it and probably change it. The camera will be changed too. I also thought it was a bit too fast, so it will get changed.