This Game is Trash(Stop-motion, Collectahon, Adventure Game)


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This Game is Trash. A claymation collectathon/adventure game with lots of trash to collect, worlds to explore, and friends to meet.

A great smog cloud will cover the sky and kill everyone in a mere 30 days, you must plan each day accordingly if you have any hope of saving the world!





I've been working on it for just over a year and hope to be finished with it early 2018. My goal is to make the game I really want to play, and hope that there are others with similar game interests!

You can follow me @ConorGarity for updates. I would love to have a playable early build soon to give out to anyone interested to hear feedback. Thanks!! :p


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This looks real cool!

Looking forward to playing it!
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Man, does this artstyle look unique.

I love it. Stop-motion really stands out from the pixel like, or digital-art based indie games.


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I love the art style! I'd try it out.. what platforms will it be for?


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I love the way this looks. Stop-motion is such hard work, but it looks great. Looking forward to a playable demo.


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Did you make the graphics? And how did you go about making them?


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I've been following this on twitter! I can't express how much I love the art style and personality of the game. I can tell how many little touches you put in there to make it feel just right, too!


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Woah! Thanks all you fine folks! Your words are inspiring!

@squeeb: Right now my only focus is on computers(PC/Mac/Linux). Yes, I do all make all the art and animation! I take individual pictures in my "Photo shoot" (otherwise known as a decrepit cardboard box, but don't tell anyone, I need to sound professional) I created a detailed diagram to give you a better idea, hopefully it helps you out:

Then I just use the MAGIC OF PHOTOSHOP to cut out the background and such. I do this for every frame of the animation.

And I hope to have some kind of rough(probably fairly glitchy) build soon, within the coming weeks, I can't wait to hear any feedback you beautiful people can provide, good or bad! Again, thanks for the words, means the world to me.


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I was hoping that's how you made the graphics! This is great!


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(☞゚ヮ゚)☞ PEW! PEW! HEY YOU!

I thought I'd share a little bit of lore for the game today.

When determining the villains for the game, I had to ask myself: "What would be the filthiest, most repulsive, most nefarious form of trash I could use?"

Then I reflected on my life and the answer became clear...

White Trash!

Introducing the main antagonists of the game: The White Trash Army! These mysterious hooded figures promise to save the world from the approaching doom. But do they have more on their evil, trashy agenda!?!?! HMMMM!?!?

They are lead by a mysterious figure known only as "The Whitest Guy I Have Ever Seen".

There are many different ranks within the White Trash organization.

Average, Everyday, Middle Class White Trash:

Elite Armored White Trash:

Thanks for your kind words, everyone!


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Why am I reminded of that one isometric mario game?
Nostalgia is a bitch!


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Weekly update! Comin' in hot! Wooooooo!

Pins are equippable items that players find across the world. Each one offers a different power or bonus. They work much like badges in the Paper Mario games, if you've played those. However, the game's time mechanics and other systems allows for pins with unique and exciting effects. It really adds a lot to the game, figuring out which pins to equip to best suit what you plan on doing with your day.

Here are some examples:

In addition to finding them out in the worlds, you can also purchase many from Homeless Harry's shop with the trash you collect out on your adventures. He gets a new shipment every day!

Hope you look forward to seeing what pin combinations work the best when you play the game! As I said, I am working on getting a playable build ready, but I'm also working on the first trailer, which I hope to have October 1st! (Hopefully!) So look forward to that! Maybe! If you want! I think it'll be cool!


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I never really noticed this game before, but I just saw the trailer on Twitter. From your dialog and the feel of the game, it looks like you took some cues from Paper Mario and/or Burrito Galaxy (although I don't have a vast knowledge of indie games so there could be a thousand others with cute/funny world and dialog that I don't know of). Anyway, it looks cool.

I love to see Stencyl used for larger projects, so if you have any suggestions or complaints, let me know!
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I just clicked on to this page and I have to say this look AMAZING. Great job!
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Hey thanks for the kind words everyone!

And thanks Justin! Ya Paper Mario is probably my biggest game influence. Pikmin is another one!

Weekly update!
First, here's the first reveal trailer I made: Let me know what you think!

I've been working on the final world of the game, and isn't totally ready to show yet, plus I don't wanna spoil too much, so I was thinking I'll show off some friends that you'll meet during your adventures.
 Friends are the heart of This Game is Trash, they provide most of the content in the open worlds and they provide the structure for planning out each of your days.

For example:

CHIP is a dropped Ice cream scoop that is going to melt and die in 3 days. He is struggling with coping with his inevitable death, and asks if you'd be able to just talk to him as much as you can for his remaining 3 days. You have conversations ranging from whether or not Bruce Lee would win in a fight against Godzilla to what you think happens when we die. Will you give him your undivided attention for those 3 days? Even if it means canceling plans with some of your other friends?

IGGY is a spider who runs a failing tv game show. It plays like a trivia jeopardy game, asking questions relating to the things you've encountered in the game thus far. He asks you to schedule when you can do new episodes of the show. But without the trash to pay them, the studio crew of the show start to reveal their OWN plans, which you may choose to help them out with.

There's plenty of other characters scattered around the world, they're probably my favorite part of making the game and the people who have tested it said it's probably their favorite part too. I'm excited to have players discover them all, and my goal is to make them unlike any characters you've seen in video games before, and find them oddly relate able in their fears and goals.

As always, thanks for your interest, it keeps me going!