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The first game in the main series is about to be released. The link will be on the Poppytail page.
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Feel free to ask questions about the game (and thank you if you can here after reading the long post on the Poppytail page)!
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Sorry for barely any posts ;) but I just need to say a few things.

1) When the main game comes out, I will reveal more.
2) I know that this project sounds ambitious coming from a person who has been using Stencyl for six months, but the project is turning out well. Any questions I have I will post in the Ask a Question section of these forums and the link will be posted here too.

Thank you
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Here is the Devlog-only Game Jolt page. It is not finished as I'm still working on the game, and I will update it in the future.
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Sorry for the bad image quality.

Image 1) An early version of the battle system.
Image 2) A loading screen displaying Batwingz (Poppytail 2)
Image 3) Version of the current battle system.
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Hello everyone,

Haven't posted here in a while because development on this game is paused and has been for months. I think that I made some bead decisions when making this game because I was still trying to do so many other things in PT4 and the whole thing just kinda fell apart.

When I finish Poppytail 5 and Pixeltail (the actual canon games), I'll start with a clean slate trying to make this. The project isn't abandoned, it'll just be a while.

I have mentioned how I'll make this game in "parts". I think I'll make this in five parts (like the original games), and have a few bosses in each part until the final boss and the end of the game in Part Five.

Part One will kick off with 78 characters, one world and one boss. It's just a starting point for this, because I want to add more characters to it as I progress making the main series. If I add a few new characters in another game, I'll come back here to add those characters and more of the game's story (even if it is irrelevant to what happens in the main games).

This game may have to come out sometime next year, but hopefully I can finish my two current projects before then.

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Hey, all!

Been thinking about the story for the game. I’m thinking of changing my original idea, which was having the game be an alternate timeline from the main series. However, there were some plot holes with what I had planned, so I have now got a new idea. I’m thinking of maybe making this set in a completely different universe in which characters from all three of my series (Poppytail, Elecreatures and Century Game) all co-exist in one world, and they must all join forces to fight some evil Creators (maybe the Sundine Blocks from CG and Wracedevil* from TWOE too).

*The main antagonist of The World of Elecreatures

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Idea for (Playable) Character Roster for Part One:
1) Poppytail
2) Easter Bunny
3) Gremlin Girl
4) Snarly Dog
5) Lizard Hunter
6) Enderguy

Poppytail 2
7) Pink Poppy
8) Batwingz
9) Towelwich
10) Vulcangoat
11) Nykolas
12) Mama Tyranno
13) Papa Tyranno
14) Lulu
15) Mousetrap
16) Eclipse
17) GamePrint
18) Beachtime Poppytail

Poppytail 3
19) Poppy
20) Bun-Bun
21) Gremma
22) Smiler
23) Lizard's Friend
24) Liz-Liz
25) Pork Chop
26) Orangu Tan
27) Doughy Duck
28) Mr Battery
29) Hybrid Chicken
30) Joey Turnbull
31) Auto
32) Abe

Poppytail 4
33) Wicked Poppytail
34) Wicked Easter Bunny
35) Wicked Gremlin Girl
36) Wicked Snarly Dog
37) Wicked Lizard Hunter
38) Cheesestick
39) Red Guy

Poppytail 5
40) Jawlock
41) Nursina
42) Exister
43) Shyyon
44) Vehicle Dummy
45) Dingo Cool
46) Bad Bunny
47) Cinder
48) G'day Gecko
49) Skelisa
50-63) Unrevealed for PT5

64-77) Unrevealed for PXT
78) Hoppy Tail

The World of Elecreatures
79) Nick
80) Mum
81) Stu
82) Pirate
83) Dizzy
84) G-G
85) Dancabot
86) Simon
87) Lambie
88) Lamp
89) Aquadarty
90) Barry
91) Fergus
92) Crystal Bruiser
93) Greg
94) Harold
95) Cliffclop
96) Wacky
97) Wookee
98) Sooty
99) Spell Pap
100) Haunt
101) Fuzzec
102) Ratty Tatty Squirrel
103) Moon Chompa
104) King Ted
105) Ka-Ching Kong
106) Tailor
107) Lucky Pirate
108) Chocster
109) Boris
110) Natasha
111) Watermelon Sorbet
112) Sky Sorbet
113) Lemonade Sorbet
114) GC
115) Meteor

Century Game
116) Century-G Block
117) Adrena Block
118) Sundine Block
119) Toby

Easter Fun
120) SLiM
121) Fluoride

Other Poppytail Characters Owned By Rosemary Games
121) Legendary Dog Towel (RG Version of Towelwich)
122) The Witch
123) Princess Piglet (RG Version of Pork Chop)
124) Monkey Man (RG Version of Orangu Tan)
125) Chef Quack (RG Version of Doughy Duck)

As ambitious as this sounds, each character is really just a combination of four out of a list of lots of moves. Other than that, a lot of characters will only need minor changes to create sprites for another (e.g. Watermelon, Sky and Lemonade are just red, blue and yellow versions of the same sprites).

The other "parts" of the game will introduce less characters, at maximum the same amount as Part One. Whenever I finish a new main Poppytail sequel, I will add the enemies from those and more TWOE characters (yeah, that's just the characters for the first five chapters, and there are twenty more to go!).

Just so everyone's not so confused about TWOE, I'm thinking of creating a thread in Chit-Chat with a plot summary so I don't sound like a crazy person just talking about a random book I wrote in 2015 that no one's heard of.
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After some PT5 work, I've decided to make some character sprites.

For a lot of characters, they will have "classic" style variants. What this means is the regular forms of characters are copied from Pixeltail sprites, and their classic forms are recoloured with their colours from the first four main games, and the shadowing has been removed.

I've just started making some and I have a sprite for Classic Poppytail and Classic Easter Bunny. This doesn't necessarily mean I'll make it a main project, but I may make some sprites sometimes if I feel like it.
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