Werezombies2 - first amateur game


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The zombie apocalypse happened. One survivor was so lucky that by mistake found an opened door to sewers with bunker. Now he tried to get out and save others. Game is under development. Hopefully I will finish it someday.

Feel free to add ideas, report bug or advise.


WASD and arrow keys - up, left, down, right
FG and KL - attack and jump

Ver 0.002
-problems with HUD update
-problem with enemies falling off the tiles
-problem with attack collision
-crates receive damage when falling from height
-new enemy type
-map graphics
-player has no weapon untill finds one
-balance with attack, lifes etc


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update Ver 0.002

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i really like the direction and art.
Good job!

Some thoughts:
  • Movement could be a bit faster. It feels a bit too slow
  • Finding a weapon confused me. Why not give it to the player in the first room?
  • Controls: why not use W to jump if you use WASD anyway? Maybe Space for attack
  • I would lve to have a double jump