Stencyl Maps Engine Out Now (BETA) Testers Wanted


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Setting this up now on play store.. hopefully out today or tomorrow
Please let me know if youd like to be tester.  I added the testers for ladder 34 the firefighting rpg game already

Map made with stencyl and google maps. 
4 map types satellite, hybrid, terrain and  road map
Location based movement (not accurate after maps load, moves player too much)
Joystick movement (placement of player isnt 100 percent accurate after map loads and you start moving) working on this now

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reserved for New Features
Mirror mode, for heads up display in car (needs to be finished) only loads a few tiles and movement is needing to be reworked

is it bad form to have ads in the beta?   not trying to make money.. trying to figure out cost offsets.  i think i get 100k map tiles per day... after that it costs me money

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